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Apartments & Villas for Rent in China

Renting an apartment in China is fairly simple.  The important key to success is finding a reliable real estate agent to guide you during your house hunting in China.  Chinese landlords are not bound by the same regulations and standards of the west.  Real estate agent fees & commissions are generally one month's rent and lease terms are usually on a yearly basis with rent usually paid on a bi-annual basis.  Larger 1st tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai are more westernized and landlords are more flexible in their lease and payment terms.

The residential real estate market (housing: apartment, villa, duplex) in China had been growing at exponential rates until an inflection point was reached back in March 2011.  To avoid a catastrophic meltdown of the residential and commercial real estate markets, government regulations on the purchase of property have bee implemented and tightened in the past year.

Apartments & Villas for Rent in China:
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