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Apartments & Villas for Rent in Shenzhen

Apartment rentals in Shenzhen continue grow as new housing complexes come online.  Mainland China's weathiest city has a wide variety of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartments available for rent.  Most villa rentals in Shenzhen have 4 or 5 bedrooms with at least 2 bathrooms, a private garden, and second floor balcony and roof top garden. 

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your detailed housing requirements and budget so that we can find the best residential property in Shenzhen that meets your needs. 

The following is just a small sample of our extensive Shenzhen residential real estate property data base.  Photographs available upon request.
Shenzhen Apartment Rental - YinTaiYuan 11,000元 04-06-2013
Apartment for Rent in Shenzhen - XingFuLi 18,000元 28-05-2013
Apartment Rental in Shenzhen - BiHai YunTian 11,000元 22-05-2013
Shenzhen Apartment Rental - Poly Castle Garden 9,000元 11-05-2013
Apartment for Rent in Shenzhen - XiangMiHu 12,000元 04-05-2013
Shenzhen Apartment Rental - Peninsula 11,500元 04-05-2013
Apartment for Rent in Shenzhen - DongHai 13,000元 29-04-2013
Shenzhen Apartment Rental - HuangPu YaYuan 11,000元 24-04-2013
Shenzhen Apartment for Rent - YaSongJu 12,000元 19-04-2013
Apartment Rental in Shenzhen - FaZhan XingYuan 18,000元 11-04-2013
Shenzhen Apartment Rental - XiangYu Garden 13,000元 08-04-2013
Shenzhen Apartment for Rent - BaiShiDa Garden 16,000元 22-03-2013
Apartment Rental in Shenzhen - XingFuLi 16,000元 19-03-2013
NanShan Garden Apartment for Rent in Shenzhen - 9,000元 23-12-2012
BanDao Apartment for Rent in Shenzhen - 8,000元 18-12-2012
WanKe ChenSanQi Villa for Rent in Shenzhen - 12,000元 17-12-2012
SheKou Apartment for Rent in Shenzhen - 8,500元 17-12-2012