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Office & Retail Space for Lease in China

There is an over abundance of office and retail space available for lease/rent in China.  However, a major key to success of any business is location or proximity to your clients and/or end customers as well as efficient supply chain management.  All of these factors need to be balanced with cost to insure maximum profit.

Serviced office suites are ideal for small businesses that don’t want to set up shop at home and can’t afford to shell out big bucks for their own commercial real estate in mainland China.  That's because serviced office space offers the cost savings of a home office, plus all the amenities of traditional office space.

Executive serviced office space can come furnished with all the workstations and office equipment you need, as well as staffed with receptionists to support the day-to-day operation of your business, all for significantly less than the typical cost of commercial real estate.  As such, these executive serviced office suites are versatile enough to accommodate most all of your corporate office needs and are most ideal for:

1. New small businesses that need affordable commercial real estate.
2. Companies in China with only a few employees that would benefit from having serviced offices.
3. Businesses that need short-term or temporary office space in China.
4. Companies with modest space requirements that are looking for office space for rent in China.

Office & Retail Space for Lease/Rent in China: