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Shandong Province - China

Shandong Province, China.Shandong (山东) Province, situated on the eastern edge of the North China Plain, spans approximately 157,168 square kilometers (60,683 sq mi) with a population of 95,793,065 million (2010).  Shandong borders Hebei and the Bohai Sea to the north, Jiangsu to the south, Henan to the west, and the Pacific Ocean (East China Sea) to the east with Jinan as its capital city.

The region, once the last stronghold of the Kuomintang, was exposed to western influence during the late 19th century with Qingdao being leased to Germany in 1897 and Weihai to Britain in 1898.  During the early 20th century Shandong was generally considered to be part of the German sphere of influence centered around Qingdao.

Shandong, one of the top manufacturing provinces in China, which benefited from South Korean and Japanese investment and tourism ranks first among provinces in the production of cotton, wheat, gold, and diamonds with one of the biggest sapphire deposits in the world.  The Shandong Peninsula is the richest part of the province where the city of Qingdao is home to three of the most well-known brand names of China: Tsingtao Beer, Haier, and Hisense.  Qingdao now has the largest desalinization plant in China.

Major Cities:
Jinan (济南) - the provincial capital.
Qingdao (青岛) - the largest city, former German concession, home of Tsingtao Brewery.
Weihai (威海)
Yantai (烟台)
Weifang (潍坊)
Zibo (淄博)
Tai'an (泰安)
Dongying (东营)
Jining (济宁)
Linyi (临沂)
Rizhao (日照)

Popular Destinations:
Laoshan (崂山) - one of the birthplaces of Taoism; famous lucky tree: three pats of the tree's trunk will bring instant luck for those seeking money.
Mount Tai (泰山) - Peace Mountain: one of the five sacred Daoist mountains; the most climbed mountain in China.
Qufu (曲阜) - the birthplace of Confucius.
Zoucheng (邹城) - the birthplace of Mencius.

Qingdao Liuting International Airport (青岛流亭国际机场) (IATA: TAO, ICAO: ZSQD) is located about 31 Kilometers outside of Qingdao City.  The Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport (济南遥墙国际机场) (IATA: TNA, ICAO: ZSJN) is located approximately 33 kilometers (21 mi) northeast of the Jinan City center.  Trains run from most major cities.  For more information on train schedules please refer to China’s National Railway Website: http://www.12306.cn.