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RiZhao Marina
Rizhao (日照; Rìzhào) Shandong province, China is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea, facing Korea and Japan in the east. As a major seaport, Rizhao borders Qingdao to the northeast, Weifang to the north, Linyi to the west and Lianyungang to the south.

Rizhao originated from an old saying that "It was the first to get the sunshine". Rizhao is one of the 15 coastal cities designated by the State Council for major construction. With two international ports and one railway linking Asia with Europe, Rizhao is also the Eastern Bridgehead of the New Euro-Asia Continental Bridge.

Rizhao is located at the southern end of Shandong Peninsula along the coast of the Yellow Sea, facing Korea and Japan across the sea in the east. Under its jurisdiction, with an area of 5,310 km² and population of more than 2.78 million, are Lanshan District, Donggang District, Ju County, Wulian County, Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shanhaitian Tourism & Vacation Zone. Bring vitality to Rizhao, the city boasts a beautiful 100 km of coastline, superior geographic location, favorable eco-environment, abundant resources and improving urban functions.

Administration Type: Prefecture-level city
City Seat: Donggang District (35°25′N, 119°26′E)
Area: 5,310 km²
Coastline: 100 km
Population: 2.78 million
Major Nationalities: Han
Area code: 633
Postal Code: 276800
License Plate Prefix: 鲁L
County-level Divisions: Donggang District (东港区), Lanshan District (岚山区), Ju County (莒县), Wulian County (五莲县)
CPC Committee Secretary: Li Zhaoqian (李兆前)
Mayor: Yang Jun (杨军)

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