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Kunming (昆明), Yunnan Province, China is located in the middle of the Yunnan–Guizhou Plateau, south of the Sichuan Basin.  As a major international hub, Kunming (昆明) is one of China's cities that offer 72-hour transit visas.

Kunming (昆明) known as "Spring City, has a rich history that spans more than 2,400 years.  Being the gateway to the silk road, the city has long been a trade hub.  During WWII the region even hosted an American Air Base.

Kunming (昆明) attractions & historical sites are centered around its cultural diversity of minority ethnic groups.  Local festivals centered around these cultures include the "Torch Festival" of the Yi (彝族), the "Third Month Fair" of the Bai (白族).  Historical sights such as the "Rice terraces" of the Miao (苗族) offer travelers a glimpse into China's rich historical diversity and ingenuity.

Administration Type: Prefecture-level city
City Seat: Chenggong District (25°04′N 102°41′E)
Area: 21,015 km²
Population: 6.49 million
Major Nationalities: Han (汉族), Yi (彝族), Hui (回族), Bai (白族), Miao (苗族).
Area code: 871
Postal Code: 650000
License Plate Prefix: 云A
City-level Districts:  Panlong District (盘龙区), Wuhua District (五华区), Guandu District (官渡区), Xishan District (西山区), Chenggong District (呈贡区).
CPC Committee Secretary: Gao Jinsong (高劲松)
Mayor: Li Wenrong (李文荣)

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